Ch. Queijeiro Da Vinci

We are pleased to present our new guest from Sweden:

d.o.b 25.01.2007

Hip and elbow tested - HD-A, ED 0/0

prcd-PRA - Optigen A
Eyes Clear
Black carrying yellow

Vinnie was showed in Poland so far only 2 times:
-National Show Myślęcinek - 1st, CAC, BOS
-International Show Rzeszów - 1st, CAC
Vinnie needs just one more win to complete the title Polish Champion

Vinnie's offspring
Breeder: Monolo Queijeiro, Mexico
Owner: Lenda Wilberg-Johansson, Annual's Kennel, Sweden

Vinnie is a proven stud dog, who fathered many good-looking labradors in Annual's, Mallorn's and Follies in Sweden and Finland. He was bred in Mexico and is linebred to the legendary Dickendall Arnold. We are greatful to Lena Wiberg for the opportunity to have this wonderful boy in our kennel for a while.
Vinnie is available for stud in Poland, chilled semen shipped worldwide by Minitube. If you are interested, contact us.








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