Annual's Passion For Fashion

d.o.b. 31.03.2012

import Sweden

hip and elbow tested - HD-A, ED 0/0
prcd-PRA - clear
EIC (Excercise Induced Collapse) - clear

Breeder: Lena Wiberg, Annual's Kennel

Ch HySpire Midland Something Special

Ghoststone's Boomtown

Lor-Al's Chuck Waggin 
HySpire Ghoststone's Gloria
Tameric's Winfall's Poppy Windfall's Pipe Major
Tameric's California Dreamin'
Jayncourt Star Parade Jayncourt Star Turn at Sandylands Sandylands Wait And See
Jayncourt Star Kissies
Dee-Fair Mild And Cutte At Jayncourt Jayncourt Movie Star
Jayncourt The Charmer